Mid April

It was fabulous out on Friday.  Warm, sunny…just beautiful, until the afternoon when it got cloudy and just started getting colder and colder.  Yesterday sucked.  Clouds, rain…blech.  Today is totally sunny and 37 degrees.  What the hell is wrong with spring in Chicago this year???  Am I asking for too much?  Sunny and upper 60s for a few days in a row would be nice.

I forgot to do an update on Fuzz.  Sharon (a friend down the street) and I got him neutered, shot, etc.  He recuperated very well in her fixed up basement and as he was doing so well, we decided to find him a home.  Well, mostly Sharon decided to find him a home.  LOL  I was having a really hard time with thinking of him not around here but glad he’d have a good life…you know how that is.  Her friend Kari was looking for a kitty as hers had died several months before.  Mr. Fuzz is spoiled rotten!  He has a ton of toys and actually plays with them!  He eats like a prince (which he is). She has a huge tree in her condo and he sleeps in the dirt of the tree.  Hehehe.  He used to always sleep in one of the windoboxes we have outside so I guess he feels right at home.  She couldn’t find him one day and there he was…totally sacked out in the ‘shade’ of the tree.  He likes to dig in it (no potty issues though), roll in the dirt, pull branches off of it.  It’s his connection to outside.  He loves to be groomed.  He’s just in kitty heaven.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

Way to go Fuzzalator!!!