Fat cats

I put a box outside for Fuzz to sleep in.  It’s lined nicely with polar fleece and I guess if you’re a stray it’s pretty nice to sleep in.  I always cut the holes a little on the small side to keep it as warm as possible.  Looked out the door today and Freckles was oozing out.  He’s such a lard butt!  It looked like this poor box was giving birth.  He does NOT appreciate being laughed at either.

I got my jewelry order ready to go to California tomorrow.  I was hoping for a lot more business from the gallery this winter but so far it hasn’t happened.  I just don’t know how to promote myself.  Didn’t have to do that as a nurse, I guess.  I did put my first auction up on ebay yesterday though.  It’s got one ‘watcher’.  Not much but better than nothing.  All this stuff is fun but between the eBay or etsy fees and then the Paypal fees, I feel like I’m working for them, not for me.  I guess I shouldn’t whine.  I have my first sale on etsy too.  She hasn’t bought it yet exactly but is going to.  YAY!!!

Now I have to try to get some teaching gigs in Chicago.  I need to quit waiting for people to come knocking on my door and start doing it myself.  Wish me luck.  I think I’ll need it.


Beads of Courage

I belong to a group of lampworkers that meet at Blue Fire Beads once a month to torch and talk–and then go to Chili’s afterward for dinner.  Sometimes it’s all about the food.  We started a little extra gig last year called Beadapallooza.  OK, so it was a blatant rip off.  What can I say.  LOL

This year Beadapallooza didn’t happen quite the way we had hoped so we decided to change it a bit.  We are meeting on Saturday and making beads for a group called Beads of Courage.  It’s a group that gives beads to certain children’s hospitals to be use as a ‘badge’ of courage.  We will be making purple hearts and just regular beads and sadly, flutterbys.  Every time a child finishes a procedure they get a purple heart.  Regular lampwork beads are for other things.  Flutterbys are given to parents when they lose a child.  Some of these kids have ropes of beads 35 or 40 FEET long.  That’s a hell of a thing to go through for a kid.  I’m lovin’ that we can do something to make their lives a little better.

Talkin’ about jewelry, life and probably my cats.

I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do here but let’s get started anyway.  I’m a jewelry designer, PMCer, lampworker, and chainmailler.  I’m also a retired RN, a significant other for 32 years, and a cat mom. 

I’m looking forward to sharing my jewelry making journies with you and hope you check in often.

 I love making jewelry.  There’s something that’s very Zen to me about working with the stones, silver and glass.  When I do chainmaille, I feel connected to the past. The FAR past!  Maybe I was a chainmailler back in the middle ages somewhere and that’s why I like it so much.  I like teaching as well.  I do PMC classes and it’s so much fun to see someone go from wondering if they could really do it to making a gorgeous piece in a day. 

Now I need to go and make some jewelry.  I’ll be back later to show you what I did.