Mid April

It was fabulous out on Friday.  Warm, sunny…just beautiful, until the afternoon when it got cloudy and just started getting colder and colder.  Yesterday sucked.  Clouds, rain…blech.  Today is totally sunny and 37 degrees.  What the hell is wrong with spring in Chicago this year???  Am I asking for too much?  Sunny and upper 60s for a few days in a row would be nice.

I forgot to do an update on Fuzz.  Sharon (a friend down the street) and I got him neutered, shot, etc.  He recuperated very well in her fixed up basement and as he was doing so well, we decided to find him a home.  Well, mostly Sharon decided to find him a home.  LOL  I was having a really hard time with thinking of him not around here but glad he’d have a good life…you know how that is.  Her friend Kari was looking for a kitty as hers had died several months before.  Mr. Fuzz is spoiled rotten!  He has a ton of toys and actually plays with them!  He eats like a prince (which he is). She has a huge tree in her condo and he sleeps in the dirt of the tree.  Hehehe.  He used to always sleep in one of the windoboxes we have outside so I guess he feels right at home.  She couldn’t find him one day and there he was…totally sacked out in the ‘shade’ of the tree.  He likes to dig in it (no potty issues though), roll in the dirt, pull branches off of it.  It’s his connection to outside.  He loves to be groomed.  He’s just in kitty heaven.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

Way to go Fuzzalator!!!


My friend Judithe

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this.  My friend Judithe was one of the East LA Latino muralists in the 70s.  She’s a very, very talented artist and I am just always blown away by her work.  She did an instillation at the Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago a few years ago that was for Los Dias de la Muerta.  If you ever see it, one of the masks is ME.  🙂  She had another opening there last Friday.  Quite a few of us went to it.  Dick and Edith came with us.  Mitchell, Ari and her boyfriend came.  Michael and MaryPat were there with a friend of theirs, and of course, Judithe, Mort and Ariel were there too.  Her work is magnificant.  If you want to see it this should do.  She is the picture for the Chupacbras.  I love her work.

Plus she’s the only person I know who had Los Lobos play at her wedding reception!  It was their gift to them.  Nice, huh?


Isn’t it nice to have them?  They all fulfill a different niche in our lives and a few just really make us whole.  I don’t know what brought this to mind but I’m just really treasuring the people in my life right now.

  I guess a lot of it is because of the death of my friend Marilyn.  I miss her so much.  We were like sisters in so many ways and those last few months we just got closer than ever.  Going through her craft things is something I’m loving and not liking all at the same time.  I hate the reason that I have to go through the things.  I love finding things and remembering where we were when she bought it.  I love finding things that she bought before we ever knew each other but that are things I’ve heard the stories about.  I know Judithe feels the same way too. 

In some ways it doesn’t seem like she’s even gone.  I don’t think it’s because I’m denying it to myself so I’m not sure why I feel the way I do.  Maybe it’s because I feel like she’s part of me and will always be with me.  I’ve never felt that way before about any friend or family member who died.  Her spirit seems to have spread over all those of us who loved her.

 Marilyn, my friend, I will miss you until we are friends again in another life.  We’ve been friends so many times before and we will be friends many times again.  Maybe that’s why I feel the way I do?  Because I know it isn’t the end…


My friend Judithe and I went to Marilyn’s yesterday and started to go through all her craft things.  We did all the jewelry making things yesterday.  It seemed very weird at first, to be going through all of her stuff without her there.  Even weirder was dividing it up between us.  I loved finding things and remembering when she bought them.  I found quite a few things that she bought at Bead and Button over the years.  I found all the things that we got when we did our PMC Certification a few years ago too.  It was so nice having those memories.  I know that some of the things, I’ll use but some of them will just be for memories.

I took some of her doll making things as well.  I’ve never made an art doll but I’d like to make one in honor of our friendship.  Some of the things that she had for it just screams Marilyn to me.  I have an idea already of what I want to do and now I just have to figure out HOW to do it.  I know she’ll be there to guide my hand when I start.  I want it to be as beautiful, funky and creative as she was.

Happy New Year!

We had a quiet night last night.  I do NOT like going out on New Year’s Eve in general and this year just didn’t seem like a celebration.  We cooked, drank a little champagne and watched FoodTV.  Life in the fast lane…that’s us.  LOL  I made a Belgium Beef Stew which seemed so perfect as it was cold and snowy outside.  Nothing like a warm hearty dinner, right? 

Chicago is gorgeous today.  I tried to take a few pictures but it’s so bright and white out there and I’m so bad with a camera that they just didn’t turn out very well.  I love looking at our yard and seeing all the little foot prints our there.  I’ve seen rabbit, squirrel, possum, cat and bird so far today.  That’s pretty much all of them unless the raccoons show up.  They seem to keep a low profile during much of the winter though.  Smart critters.

I think there is one critter who had a little too much ‘nip of the cat’ though.  What do you think?

Poor Freckles

Here’s wishing you all a healthy and happy 2008!


My best friend lost her fight with colon cancer yesterday.  She was admitted to the hospital on Friday and brought home on Monday by her family.  She wanted to die at home.  Her husband, girls, sister, aunties, uncle, FIL,  her Buddhist guide and I were at her bedside with her when she crossed.  It was a peaceful and beautiful transition for a beautiful woman.  As much as I am going to miss her, I know that it was her Path to walk.

I also know that we have been friends before and will be friends again many more times.  Go with the gods, my friend.


Finally I’m feeling better I think.  I had lots of good company this week and that helped.  My friend Mari came in on Tuesday and spent the afternoon with me.  We never stop talking.  LOL  Lesa came on Wednesday.  We pretty much don’t stop talking either.  Then Jennifer came in yesterday and spent the afternoon.  She’s a new friend from Open Torch that I haven’t known for long but just feel really comfortable with.  I’m really glad that I met her.  Next week Terrie is going to help me get to my doctor’s appointment.  Hopefully after that I can be a little more independent again.

The cats are getting quiet annoyed with me by this point.  I haven’t been downstairs in almost 2 weeks and I think they are starting to feel like I do.  ENOUGH!  Not sure if I’ll try to go down tonight for dinner or not.  I don’t know why I can’t but I’ve been so good I’d hate to screw it up at this point.

I’m just bored today.  I can’t get into reading and even my chainmaille is not holding my attention today.  What I’d really like to do is have a Martini and some njice little munchy things.  Hmmm….wonder if I can get Don to do a Gibson for me tonight.  Probably not as he’s doing risotto and I don’t think it would go very well.