Mid April

It was fabulous out on Friday.  Warm, sunny…just beautiful, until the afternoon when it got cloudy and just started getting colder and colder.  Yesterday sucked.  Clouds, rain…blech.  Today is totally sunny and 37 degrees.  What the hell is wrong with spring in Chicago this year???  Am I asking for too much?  Sunny and upper 60s for a few days in a row would be nice.

I forgot to do an update on Fuzz.  Sharon (a friend down the street) and I got him neutered, shot, etc.  He recuperated very well in her fixed up basement and as he was doing so well, we decided to find him a home.  Well, mostly Sharon decided to find him a home.  LOL  I was having a really hard time with thinking of him not around here but glad he’d have a good life…you know how that is.  Her friend Kari was looking for a kitty as hers had died several months before.  Mr. Fuzz is spoiled rotten!  He has a ton of toys and actually plays with them!  He eats like a prince (which he is). She has a huge tree in her condo and he sleeps in the dirt of the tree.  Hehehe.  He used to always sleep in one of the windoboxes we have outside so I guess he feels right at home.  She couldn’t find him one day and there he was…totally sacked out in the ‘shade’ of the tree.  He likes to dig in it (no potty issues though), roll in the dirt, pull branches off of it.  It’s his connection to outside.  He loves to be groomed.  He’s just in kitty heaven.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

Way to go Fuzzalator!!!


Fat cats

I put a box outside for Fuzz to sleep in.  It’s lined nicely with polar fleece and I guess if you’re a stray it’s pretty nice to sleep in.  I always cut the holes a little on the small side to keep it as warm as possible.  Looked out the door today and Freckles was oozing out.  He’s such a lard butt!  It looked like this poor box was giving birth.  He does NOT appreciate being laughed at either.

I got my jewelry order ready to go to California tomorrow.  I was hoping for a lot more business from the gallery this winter but so far it hasn’t happened.  I just don’t know how to promote myself.  Didn’t have to do that as a nurse, I guess.  I did put my first auction up on ebay yesterday though.  It’s got one ‘watcher’.  Not much but better than nothing.  All this stuff is fun but between the eBay or etsy fees and then the Paypal fees, I feel like I’m working for them, not for me.  I guess I shouldn’t whine.  I have my first sale on etsy too.  She hasn’t bought it yet exactly but is going to.  YAY!!!

Now I have to try to get some teaching gigs in Chicago.  I need to quit waiting for people to come knocking on my door and start doing it myself.  Wish me luck.  I think I’ll need it.

Still brrrrrr!

Damn it’s still cold here today!  I’m trying to be green and not turn up the heat but I’m freezing.  Nutmeg keeps stomping in and giving me these looks.  She likes to sleep on the vent at the bottom of the back stairs and I think she wants me to go and turn up the heat for her.  Don got me a really nice space heater for my studio so when it’s on I’m nice and toasty.  Unfortunately, I don’t have it on so I’m starting to turn blue.

I was eating lunch today and saw this huge pigeon land in a neighbor’s tree.  Only it was a HAWK!!!  We’ve lived here for 17 years and I’ve seen a total of 3 hawks.  It’s just not something we have a lot of on the north side of Chicago.  We have a big bush in the back yard that’s always full of twittering birdies and it was verrrrrry quiet for a while.  Smart birdies.

Fuzz and Mookie were vying(?) for the bowl.  There’s what started as a little pyramid for the cats to sleep in out there.  Fuzz didn’t like being inside it so would always push the top down into the bottom.  It looks like a big cat bowl.  I’ve got polar fleece in it and I can wrap whoever’s in it up like a big burrito.  Fuzz was in it waiting for breakfast and Mookie was on the ‘step’ for it waiting for Fuzz to move.  Mookie can’t do the jump into it anymore so we put the little charcoal storage containers like steps up to it.  Spoiled strays?  Nah…This is Fuzz from last year.  He’s such a cutie pie!  I wish we would’ve found him as a baby because he’d be in with us for sure.  He hates even coming inside to warm his paws now.


Isn’t he a cutie!?  Wish him luck to make it through the winter, OK?

The Divine Ms. Nuts

The Divine Ms. Nuts and her heating pad.My little Nutmeg is a very special kitty.  Don found her at 6 weeks sitting on a sidewalk almost dead.  She was a ball of flea poop and infected eyes.  We got rid of the fleas and the infection in her eyes and she’s done quite well for herself.  In fact, she seems to have turned into a Diva at some point in her little life.  She’s 14 1/2 years old now and still rules.  She only weighs a little over 8# and Freckles, at 22#, cowers before Her Majesty.

She got pneumonia a few years ago and has really bad lungs now.  She’s been getting an inhaler for probably about 6-8 months now.  It’s so cute to see her with the little mask breathing in her ‘healing vapors.’  She gets very short of breath at almost nothing even with the medications.  A few weeks ago I was giving her just a few more weeks to life but things seem to have changed.  She’s on a lot of medications right now but it seems to be working.  I took her to the vet today and she was up from 7.6# to 8.3#.  Not bad for 2 weeks!  They had to draw blood from her and she was a total shit about it.  When Dr. Faigle brought her to me she commented on how an 8#, elderly, not very healthy kitty could be so darn fiesty.  Way to go Nutters!!!  I figure that if she can be such a total shit then she’s doing pretty well, right?

She’s at home now sleeping on her little heating pad in my studio.  It’s her favorite place to be.  She gets a little hot and rolls off and when she gets cooled down she rolls back on.  She’s pretty darn cute.  I’m so glad she’s better cause I just love her to pieces.