It’s been forever since I’ve been here (just in case you hadn’t noticed the date on my last post.  LOL)  I keep trying to update things but somehow never get to it.
When I think of all that’s happened since that last post I’m amazed.  We elected a wonderful man as our new President.  I loved watching that.  We really did make a difference and I think that difference will make a positive change in our whole world.  I’m not sure what it is about Barack Obama that makes me feel the way I do but I just feel that he is going to change this world in such good ways.  I was trying to explain it to Don the other night, and not doing very well mind you, but…remember in Star Trek how they were one planet…no wars, no more poverty, no more starvation…somehow I think Barack Obama is the beginning of that.  It probably sounds a little nuts and maybe it is but I sure hope I’m right.  It has to start somewhere and I hope that I’m here to see it happen.

We’ve had a bad cat time around here lately too.  We lost our Nutmeg to her lung disease.  She struggled long and mightly but it eventually got too much for even her.  We took in a little (and I mean little) old lady we called Tchotchke who was only with us for about 5 weeks.  She was ancient, emaciated, and took no prisoners.  LOL  Not one of our cats ever hissed at her.  I think they knew she was only here for a short visit.  And this week the heart of my heart went to the Bridge.  I can’t really even write about Freckles much yet.  There will be a gaping wound in my heart for a long time to come.

Of course,  with the sadness comes the other side as well.  There is a young long haired orange kitty out there filling out the application as we speak.  Don calls him Marmalade.  I still think of him as The Applicant.  I’m not ready to have that hole in my heart even start to heal but I don’t think he’s caring much about that.  The rest of the cats are not hugely happy about him either.  I think they know this guy could be some serious competition for them.  He is a cutie.

The lampworking forum that I’ve spent way too much time on the last few years is just getting a bit too toxic lately.  A friend that I met on there has started another forum.  It is going to be a great place to hang out I think.  If you’re interested in a look around, it’s Torch Bugs.  I think you’ll like it.

OK.  Enough for now.