What was he thinking???

John McCain, that is.  I don’t want to get majorly involved in politics on this blog but WTF was this man thinking???  I find it terrifying that he has the judgement to run a PTA mom for Vice President.  I find it terrifying that she’s incredibly right wing…so right wing in fact that practically everything she stands for makes me want to vomit.  Hillary may have put the cracks in the ceiling but this woman is only going to  smash her skull when she hits that glass ceiling.  She doesn’t have enough there to put any cracks in anything but her own head.  If anyone in the Republican party thinks that she’s any sort of Republican substitute for Hillary Clinton then they are truly more out of touch than I ever though possible.  Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest class acts in politics that I know.  I like her.  I like her husband (and guess what folks, her husband likes, no loves her).  There is no comparison of the right wing animal hating Palin to Hillary Clinton.  I own’t get into what I choose to like about Hillary but it is all righeous.

Can McCain be so delusional, so out of touch that he actually thinks this woman would be a good thing?  He’s old.  He’s got cancer.  He’s got a fairly good chance of dying in office.  This woman’s got the hootspa to run our country?!!!!  WHAT WAS HE THINKING???  Apparently, not much and not well.

We can’t stand 4 more years of the Republicans.  Our country is in dire straights and 4 years of McCain/Palin will put us over the edge.  Electing McCain shows the rest of the world that we are ready to accept more of the George Bush style of politics and that we seem to be unable to change our outlook–and out prejudices.  Electing Obama sends a message that we WANT something new.  That we are not stuck in a mode where we can’t vote for a non white male.  Obama is going to be one of the best things to happen to our country in a long time.  We all know the last 8 years have been a nightmare.  Let’s end it.  Let’s vote for the man who can make change happen.  Can you hear him speak and not want to smile, not want to love the hope that makes us feel that way.  Not want the change that he represents?

I can’t imagine what out world will be like without him.


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