More snow

It can stop anytime now.  I’m getting really tired of snow.  Really I am.  They are predicting 6-10 inches in Chicago and up to 18 in places in Wisconsin.  Guess maybe I shouldn’t complain quite so much.  We’ve had so much this year so far.  I wanted to go out to breakfast in the morning but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Need to go and check my pizza dough.  I love the smell of those little yeasties as they do their little yeasty farts.  I was hoping that Don would remember to take the Kitchen Aid out for me this morning but he didn’t so I had to kneed it all by hand.  Velcro was fascinated with it.  I guess he’s never seen me make bread or anything like that.  It’s going to be a huge pizza.  Maybe Velcro will enjoy having some of it.  LOL

I’m trying to do bead crochet.  I’m not really a dumb person but I just can’t get it.  Marilyn used to always get the first 4 or 5 rows done for me, not that I ever did that much of it.  She tried to teach me but I usually stopped by after sushi–meaning after a couple of sakes.  It wasn’t the best time to learn something.

DID YOU VOTE???  That is if you are in one of the superTuesday states.  I was amazed when I went at how many people voted in a primary.  I was there at 1130 and there had been 138 people there already and apparently 80 early voters.  There are 500 registered voters in our ‘area’.  That’s really huge to get that many people out.  It’s nice to have a difficult choice to make for a change.  I like having two people that I want to vote for, not having to decide who’s the best of the bad.  Who knows maybe we will actually have someone decent when we get to vote for govenor again.


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