I can’t get enough r’s on the end of that!  Damn it’s cold in Chicago again.  We went to our neighborhood meeting last night and drove because it might get bad.  We went in and it was cold.  We came out into a blizzard.

Mr. Fuzz was waiting for us when we got home looking like the abominable snowcat.  I decided he had to come in whether he liked it or not to warm up and dry off.  I snatched him up and plopped him down inside…and he sat there.  He usually has a total meltdown inside.  He got dried off by Don.  He ate a few cans of food.  And then he went to sleep.  He never stays in.  Did I say that?  LOL  This was at 9PM and at midnight he was still inside.  Unfortunately, we can’t let him stay inside because he isn’t trustworthy.  He sprays and I’m not sure he wouldn’t have had a little brawl or two either.  I felt so horrible having to put him out in the horrible weather we were having.  I had trouble sleeping–which I think I deserved.  I know he can survive because he’s survived worse than last night but he was just so damn happy inside.  Sharon, who lives down the street, is thinking about trying to take him in.  She spoils him even worse than we do so that could only be a good thing for him.  I hope he realizes what a good deal that would be.  Some of these old male street cats just mellow out when they get a little older and I hope he’s one of them.  He’s so cute and sweet and he deserves to be a pampered kitteh for the rest of his life.  Send a little white light to him that it all works out.


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