Powerful video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ervaMPt4Ha0  I’m sure there’s a better way to put this on here but I don’t know what it is.  This video is done by a 16 year old girl and is amazingly powerful. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Even considering, I did.  Don made the entire dinner and it was delicious!  He made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, rolls, gravy and a cherry pie with cinnamon dulce de leche ice cream.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  A good friend came over for dinner too.  I wanted them to eat downstairs and just bring me a plate up here.  When they both said no, I decided I’d try the stairs because I didn’t want them to have to schlep it all up.  We they really said NO to that!  LOL  Don brought up a small table and 2 chairs for them.  I ate in my slightly more comfortable right now chair on a tray.  

Don was carring stuff downstairs with Fran’s help and they both were laughing.  The cats had removed the turkey that he had carved and had on a plate.  They also helped themselves to a 1/2 stick of butter and salt.  Unfortunately the salt was what he cooks with and is just in a small bowl.  I heard the vaccuum down there a bit ago so I guess that was cleaning up the salt.  Shortly after that, BT came up and crashed on the couch.  He just had that ‘I ate too much turkey’ look somehow.  I’m sure he had something to do with it.

Poor Don’s still down there cleaning up.  I know I can’t go down and wouldn’t be any good to help if I could but I still feel really bad for him to have to do all the work.  I’m going to try to not ask him for much of any more help tonight.  I feel like I’m running him ragged and he doesn’t need that right now.

He’s such a good guy.  He helps me out and never says a word.  I can’t believe how patient he is.  I’m not sure I could be so patient and I’m a nurse.  He’s definitely a keeper.

Anyway, hope you all had great days. 


Holy sh*t

Boy I really wasn’t expecting this.  I can barely walk I hurt so much.  My left leg and hip are unreal.  I called the doctor and they ordered some steroids for me.  I can’t wait until they kick in.  Poor Don is really having to put up with me.  He’s such a good guy.  I can’t imagine it’s easy for him but he never complains.  I have anesthesia brain so no more posting right now.


Oh boy…by butterflies have butterflies.  I know tomorrow is going to be OK but I hate, hate, hate anesthesia.  Did I mention that I hate anesthesia?  I’ll be a lot happier this time tomorrow. 

I’ve brought everything I can think of up to the second floor.  I’m not supposed to do stairs for two weeks.  I’ll probably do it occasionally with Don’s help but I’m pretty much planning to just stay up here and behave.  I’ve got books, magazines, every set of pliers I own–and that’s a LOT of pliers.  I’ve got jumprings.  I’ve got my favorite lotion.  I’ve got almost everything I can think of so I guess I’m set. 

I’ll be back Tuesday night to say hello.


Jumprings, jumprings, jumprings…I’m trying to get them wound and cut before surgery on Monday.  I think I wound about 35 troy ounces of silver.  That’s a shitload of rings.  I hope I get some amazing chainmaille done with all this.  It’s fun to do but my thumb really hurts.  Sheesh.  Now tomorrow I have to cut and tumble them all. 

I think my crowness is coming out.  I love small shiny things and a ton of jumprings just makes me feel wonderful.  I really am a goof.  I’ll take a picture after I get themall nice and shiny. 

We had sushi as usual for a Thursday night.  We are such creatures of habit.  Not only do we have to go for sushi every Thursday, we always start with the same 4 or 5 things.  Boring…we are old and boring…LOL  One of the things that I love most about going is our friends Dick and Edith.  They are just too of the coolest people you’d ever want to meet.  Edith told me that that her nursing skills weren’t great but she is a Jewish mother and that should count for something.  I love her to bits.  We’re going there Saturday night for pizza and a movie.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.  Dick is a wonderful artist.  Their house is full of amazing art, some of which Dick has done and some of what they have collected. 

The Divine Ms. Nuts

The Divine Ms. Nuts and her heating pad.My little Nutmeg is a very special kitty.  Don found her at 6 weeks sitting on a sidewalk almost dead.  She was a ball of flea poop and infected eyes.  We got rid of the fleas and the infection in her eyes and she’s done quite well for herself.  In fact, she seems to have turned into a Diva at some point in her little life.  She’s 14 1/2 years old now and still rules.  She only weighs a little over 8# and Freckles, at 22#, cowers before Her Majesty.

She got pneumonia a few years ago and has really bad lungs now.  She’s been getting an inhaler for probably about 6-8 months now.  It’s so cute to see her with the little mask breathing in her ‘healing vapors.’  She gets very short of breath at almost nothing even with the medications.  A few weeks ago I was giving her just a few more weeks to life but things seem to have changed.  She’s on a lot of medications right now but it seems to be working.  I took her to the vet today and she was up from 7.6# to 8.3#.  Not bad for 2 weeks!  They had to draw blood from her and she was a total shit about it.  When Dr. Faigle brought her to me she commented on how an 8#, elderly, not very healthy kitty could be so darn fiesty.  Way to go Nutters!!!  I figure that if she can be such a total shit then she’s doing pretty well, right?

She’s at home now sleeping on her little heating pad in my studio.  It’s her favorite place to be.  She gets a little hot and rolls off and when she gets cooled down she rolls back on.  She’s pretty darn cute.  I’m so glad she’s better cause I just love her to pieces. 

Goin’ to the Dark Side…

No, I’m not doing that.  LOL  I do hot glass.  I LOVE hot glass.  There are very few things I love doing more than hot glass.  But I do ‘soft’ glass and have hundreds and hundreds of pounds of soft glass rods.  There’s another kind of glass called, surprisingly enough, ‘hard’ glass  🙂 or borosilicate (boro for short).  It works very differently than soft glass and most people tend to like one or the other most and do pretty much one or the other.  I’ve resisted even trying boro because I LOVE hot, soft glass.  I have always felt like I needed to do soft glass very well before I tried boro and have resisted quite well until now.  At Beadapallooza,  I won a prize.  A prize of 3# of boro glass.  I decided I’d try it and just as I got my stringer pulled we ran out of oxygen.  Phew…saved by a tank.  Maybe the dark side won’t get me afterall.

Nope…now a friend and fellow beadmaker who does amazing boro work is teaching at Blue Fire Beads.  I really want to see him and to take his class.  What am I going to do???  I just really think I’m being set up by the boro gods.

 I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop. Velcro, one of my cats, is sitting on a pillow behind me and keeps sneezing.  Don says he’s learning all his sneezes from me.  I think he’s sneezed about 30 times in the last few hours–all over the back of my head.  I’m going to need a shower before I go to bed!  Wonder if I can teach him to put a paw over his mouth? 

Great day

beads.jpgWe had so much fun yesterday.  We started at Blue Fire Beads about 1000 with Gwendolyn from Children’s Memorial Hospital there to tell us about Beads of Courage.  I had to walk out pretty much as soon as she started.  Someone else followed me pretty quickly and I think almost everyone had a few tears at one point or another.  I did pretty well again until Gwen started showing us ‘happy’ pictures.  The first one was a little boy about 6 or 7 with a rope of beads that must’ve been 10 feet long.  Considering what they are all for, no little child should have a rope that long.  I just cannot imagine what it must be like to be a parent in that situation and even more, to be a child going through that.  They freaking break my heart.  I just cannot talk about BOC without tearing up.  We made a LOT of beads for them.  They use purple hearts, regular hearts, and many other small colored beads.  Each procedure or milestone gets a different color bead for them.  I made one flutterby and just couldn’t make any more.  They are sent to parents several months after a child dies.  I hope they don’t use very many flutterbys.  I think we are all going to keep doing this at open torch.  We’ll probably spend the first 1/2 hour or so making beads for them.  It’s such a great, great program.  If you have a children’s hospital close to you, encourage them to get involved in something like this.  It can make all the difference in a child’s life. Here’s a few pictures. 

 Off to lay down for a little.  My back is killing me today.  I will be so glad to get this laminectomy over and done.  Eight days and counting.